The End Of The Silver Screen & Busking

The Futurist

This is one of the last great examples of early purpose built cinema architecture left in the UK and even if the rest of the building cannot be saved. The facade should. Sometimes the cost of keeping something so unique may seem unrealistic and keeping up with the times is the best option. However that is the sort of thinking that has left most towns and cities losing their character. Liverpool is a leading example of retaining it’s original architecture and the Futurist should also be saved. It would be the only early cinema in the city and with the right money, love and care could become the centre piece of Lime Streets redevelopment.

Think of it like this….. When this cinema was built. The golden age of the silver screen was still a unique experience for many. People sat together in pure comfort and warmth. They laughed together, cried together, became scared together and fell in love with their fav film stars together.

No other building holds so many historic moments and has told so many stories than a cinema.

Keep the Futurist for the next generations, let them enjoy her proud stature. Let them wonder about her past.

There is still time to save her. Please make the right decision. Keep her standing and telling stories.
(Followers. Please help. No matter where you are in the world. If like me you have a fondness for nostalgia take a moment and sign the petition to save this building.

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Thank You )


Getting Wet Trying Something New


This is my first attempt of long exposure.

I have always been amazed at how photographers have manipulated light to achieve outstanding sky, water and city shots using ND filters. Decided to take the plunge and ordered a ND1000 (10 stop) filter. Now as this was my first go and to keep costs down. I purchased a £11 filter.
Not expecting much from it for that price and with this being my first attempt did not know if anything was to come out at all.

So we packed the car, picnic and lead on the dog and drove the to the tallest waterfall in Wales.
Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall is about an hours drive from us. Though the distance was short, the roads were mental. The last run up to the Waterfall is called Waterfall Road, and as you can imagine. It is a small country lane that winds up a steep piece of land. One side there is a forest the other a sheer drop to your death. It took some slow driving and a phew sighs of relief every time we had to pass a car. However we persevered and made it to the top. After paying £3 to park the car, putting our feet on land was a great moment, and the site of the waterfall made it all the better. This thing stand at 72 metres. It is am amazing site. We decided to have our picnic first. Crusty rolls were waiting to be devoured!

Gear used:

-Canon 550D
-Sigma 10-20mm
-Manfrotto heavy weighted tripod.
-Xsource ND1000 filter.
ND Timer app for Iphone.

Doing some research before hand I knew that I had to start in AV (App Priority) on the Canon. I decided to shoot at F22 as I wanted the sharpest images and the longest amount of time for light. In fact each shot took around 5 minutes to produce. I forgot to bring a cover for the viewfinder and had to use my thumb. That is not too much of problem for the first minute, by minute 3 my arm was aching. Yet it was worth it to stop light leak.


The only other thing I had to do was be patient. Likely the weather was grey with showers every now and then. This is perfect weather for shots into the sky. Yet the amount of ramblers and tourists taking selfies getting in the way was a challenge. In total I spent more time waiting then shooting.

I took a series of images from different locations. Both wide and short. After editing in Raw and Photoshop CC I have come down to these two.

It was an awesome little session and I have the bug to try different long exposures. The classic car trails on a motorway might be my next shoot. Again this is my first attempt and I was pretty impressed for a cheap ND filter that I expected nothing from. It’s all a learning curve and if you have the time and wish to critic or give hints and tips I am always welcome to opinions.

P.S…… road home. Could not help but stop off to photo a classic old bus. I like buses. It’s the geek in me.