Freedom to Speak


Look up and you meet interesting spies looking down.

Shot in the town of Granada, Spain.

Fujifilm X20 (RAW) App Priority.


River Walk

London is full of simple art work that is totally ignored. Take a moment to look around and you see wonderful delights.

Keeping a watchful eye on the Competition


Working Men’s Club


Turn a corner in old London Town and you are reminded of the past and present.

Down a dusty old London side street, leading into a busy open market stands a grand image of working life of yesteryear. It took me by surprise at the time. This wonderful moment on a massive board and no-one had noticed it.

I was drawn to it straight away (I love anything to do with how we used to live), when I noticed this guy on the phone just sitting there.

It struck me just how powerful the moment was. Here was a guy, sitting on a chair, using a mobile phone. A classic scene of 21st Century lifestyle with the back drop of 1930’s living perfectly in line with each other.

I had to get in close to take the picture and for the guy to notice me. I hoped he would become a little annoyed. I wanted him to look at me in the same way the gentlemen where in the picture. After standing there for a few minutes just looking at him he gave the look you see.

For me this is a perfect example of old and new and how technology, fashion and attitude may have changed over time, our personal living has stayed the same.

This was my favourite photo from a day shooting in London and probably one of the small handful of images I am really proud of.

Taken with FijiFilm X20 in Green Market London.

Busy Shoppers, Lonely Drinkers

Dodging walking shopping bags, using stealth to win gaps between fleeting meets all anew. 

A sudden parting opens thicken smog. 

Stood slouched into sensible comfort and with confidence in the third aid gripped by plastic hands, a transparent statue blind to the vultures squawking by. 
Only single serving friends, obliged to such limp existence, humbled to accept silver coin, but an obvious dislike in twisted half arsed smiles.

Statler & Waldorf

Turn any corner in old London Town and you meet interesting people.

Walking along the Thames Bank, past the Art Deco Tate gallery (a rich part of town) and you come across a little bar on a corner high up and out of eyes reach. A perfect spot to have a quiet drink, sit with old friends and watch the world go by.
I came across these two gentlemen doing just that. They seemed to be in a very important conversation as no happy smiles were being exchanged.
I could not help but stop, raise my camera to my eye and compose the shot.
Immediately they both turned and glared directly at me. An intimidating moment for most. From their looks, even I felt like bolting.
Knowing My intrusion had annoyed them. I simply looked back, gave a giant wave and smiled like a Cheshire Cat.
Immediately this calmed things down and both gentlemen replied with a wave and a smile. This image was captured between that.
After, I said thank you and they were most happy. Hoping it made their day.
It goes to show that a little courage and a lot of cheekiness is heart warming and what you think to be an awkward moment can actually be a happy one.

(FujiFilm X20. App Priority. Shot in RAW. London) 


The tour was long. It was hot and everyone was getting a bit cranky.

Though just as we had all had enough and was day to retire to our coach, out of nowhere a wedding couple stood and posed as their photographer took a picture. 

I had seen this coming and sneaked around the side to stay out of the way and shot what was a magical moment to a long day.

(Shot using FujiFilm X20. App Priority, RAW in Granada, Spain)