The Beast From The East

The UK has been hit by a cold snap that has swept aggressively north to Scotland and hit the south and north east of England hard.

Temperatures of -12 (with an average of -5 where I am present) have meant that wrapping up warm is essential.

The snow has been causing issues too, though for some brave soles it is just another day in the office.

I know that many people reading this in other countries that are used to (and would laugh at) temperatures like we are getting now, however for us this is unusual and requires the British stiff upper lip or “Keep Calm and Carry On” to get us to our destinations.

It always amazes me how no matter what weather (and we are used to pretty lousy weather on a daily basis), us Brits just get on with it. Of course with a mumble along the way.

There is one this that does let us down though. Clothing. We do not get server weather very often. Not like this, so a raincoat and cheap pair of fingerless gloves is about all we can muster. Of course we have scarfs and umbrellas. Though we let ourselves down when it comes to keeping warm.

Instead we look for other means of keeping warm on the inside. Some might take drastic measures (such as two jumpers), most take to cups of tea (myself included).

However, no matter how bad it gets (people have been stuck in cars for hours on isolated roads), no matter if our boilers pack up and we have to start burning the furniture.

We are still up for a party. British style.

(Shots taken in Stockport. iPhone 7 Plus)

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